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J.M Barrie

Letter to R A Grierson from J M Barrie, 17 November 1924

20th Century

Letter written by J M Barrie to R A Grierson, Dumfries Town Clerk, to make arrangements for the presentation of Barrie's Freedom of Dumfries Burgess Ticket.


Holograph manuscript letter, written on both sides with the address pre-printed at the top.




17 Nov, 1924


Dear Mr Grierson

Thank you for your letter, which arrived while I was away, hence this delay.  It explains the procedure clearly to me.  There is no one in particular whom I suggest to you to invite - all that, I can see, is obviously in safe hands.  I am particularly glad to know that Mr Neilson is able to be present at the Freedom ceremony.  Mr Geddes said that he thought the best plan for me, and probably the usual one, would be to reply very briefly and formally to the honour of the Freedom and then to talk a little more at length at the dinner, where one can indulge in old recollections in an easier way.  Only one speech, so to speak, which I should prefer if you think it fitting.  Perhaps you will kindly let me know.  My compliments to the Provost and I am of course very proud to have the street called after me.  The wording of the Burgess ticket is so much more than I deserve that I am humbled by it, but I thank you all sincerely.

Yours Very Truly 


J M Barrie

Place of Production:
Adelphi Terrace House, Strand, London WC2
width 139mm, height 180mm
Dumfries Museum & Camera Obscura
Accession number:
Digital Number:
DMDO011a; DMDO011b
Creation Date:
Dumfries & Galloway Council

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