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Soldiers, Sailors, Rebels & Outlaws

William Boyd the 4th Earl of Kilmarnock

Cartoon from Anti-Jacobite Propaganda Leaflet

18th Century

This cartoon, included in anti-Jacobite propaganda distributed around Kilmarnock, alleges affairs between the Earl of Kilmarnock and Jacobite ladies. The illustration shows Boyd flanked by Miss Cameron and Miss Macdonald and underneath are the words "How happy could I be with either were t'other dear Charmer away".


The travelling salesman who distributed the leaflets was beaten up and run out of town by a crowd in Kilmarnock - the people remained loyal to the Earl personally although they would not help him support the Jacobites. People in Kilmarnock were shocked at the decision to execute the Earl after the Rising.  

Dean Castle
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1730 - 1745
East Ayrshire Council