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De Soulis

Soulis Cross


The Soulis Cross used to stand on Soulis Street in Kilmarnock. One story claims that it marked the place where a member of the Soulis family was killed by one of the Boyd family in 1444 for challenging the Boyds for possession of the lands of Kilmarnock. This account is probably untrue as the Soulis family had all but died out by that time after being disgraced and persecuted by Robert the Bruce in the early 14th Century for their part in plotting a coup to overthrow him.


The cross was moved from Soulis Street in 1825 and is now on display in the Dick Institute. A plaque marks its original place on Soulis Street.


The base of the cross originally consisted of three steps symbolising the Holy Trinity. An iron cross was added in the 19th century replacing an earlier stone cross. The current iron cross is not the original.

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