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The 8th Lord Howard de Walden

Ellis, Lord Howard de Walden's Coat of Arms

The complex design of this coat of arms tells the complex history of the Howard de Walden family working backwards: The first quarter shows the Ellis coat of arms - an ermine background with five crescents on a black cross.  The clover-leafs of the second quarter are the Herveys's coat of arms and the two lions in the third quarter are the Felton family coat of arms. The fourth quarter shows the original Howard coat of arms - a plain white band (called a bend) and little crosses.  The Lion Rampant was added in 1514 as a reward to Thomas, Earl of Surrey, son of the first Duke of Norfolk for his part in the defeat of King James IV at Flodden in 1514.  There is an arrow through the mouth of the lion to show that James IV had been defeated and killed.
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