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The 8th Lord Howard de Walden

Dean Castle (3)

Dean Castle just prior to restoration by the 8th Lord Howard de Walden.  This image gives a sense of some of the changes to the site over the centuries.  The hill to the right was probably the site of an earlier 'Kilmarnock Castle' built by the Lockhart or Soulis family around the 12th century; the castle itself consists of a 14th century keep and a 15th century Palace; the small grassy mounds to the left of the image are the residue of 18th century bell pits used for coal extraction; the Dower House, also on the left, is a grand Victorian building; and the hedged gardens in front of the castle were removed during the restoration of the site in the twentieth century to improve the driveway.
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Kilmarnock, Ayrshire
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Dean Castle
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East Ayrshire Council