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Crichton Bowling Club points medal

20th Century


SIlver oval medal. Relief motis on obverse depicting a bowler in a hat. Laurel garland on reverse with names of 23 winners engraved. Applied circular plaque on reverse with crest. Deep edge on both sides.

Inscription on obverse: "Crichton Bowling Club points medal summer 1913"

Inscription on reverse: " Crichton Royal Institution Dumfries God Send Grace"



1913 Matthew Ure

1914 WM Carruthers

1915 WM Carruthers

1916 WM Carruthers

1917 J Scott Lyon

1918 Edward J L Joss

1919 Alex Finnie

1920 David Hunter

1921 Alex Mcdonald

1922 Walter Houliston

1923 WM Carruthers

1924 WM Cameron

1925 Archibald McNeill

1926 Thomas Broadfoot

1927 James Dyer

1928 Jos Mcg Hornell

1929 Thomas Broadfoot

1930 WM Carruthers

1931 James B Kerr

1932 Joseph M'G Hornell

1933 Walter Houliston

1934 John Carruthers

1935 John M Darroch

Place of Production:
72mm (length) x 39mm (width)
Accession number:
Creation Date:

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