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Communion Token - Penpont,1863


Penpont Reformed Presbyterian congregation (Auld Lichts) 1863

According to Whitelaw, this token was still being used in 1911 by "the small remnant of Penpont Reformed Presbyterians who, under the influence of the Rev. Peter Carmichael, of Greenock, refused to acquiesce in that Church's acceptance in 1863 of the new view of the Oath of Allegiance".

In 1733, the First Secession or split from the Church of Scotland created the Associate Presbytery over this issue of patronage. In 1747 this group itself split over the Burgher Oath - an issue of civil complusion in relgious affairs. The Burgher and the Anti-Burgher factions then also both split into groups known as Auld Lichts and New Lichts (Old and New Lights). Auld Lichts held to the obligations of the solemn league and Covenant and were a Convenanting or Cameronian remnant.

The Anti-Burgher, Auld Licht, Cameronian, Reformed Presbyterian Church at Penpont closed in 1937.

Whitelaw 227

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