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Cameronian regiment pin cushion, 1881


Military souvenir to commemorate the amalgamation of the 26th Foot, The Cameronian Regiment (1689) and the 90th Foot, The Perthshire Light Infantry (1794) to form The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles).  The regiment was disbanded on 14 May 1968.  Pin cushions like this were made by soldiers as commemorative items or gifts for loved ones.


The original Cameronians were followers of Richard Cameron, a militant Covenanter leader who became a field preacher in 1678.  After Cameron's death in 1680, his followers continued attending conventicles and maintained Covenanter beliefs.  In 1688 William of Orange became King and adopted a policy of religious toleration.  The Cameronians were brought into the British Army as the 26th Foot after they helped defeat the Jacobite force at the Battle of Dunkeld in 1689.


The Cameronians maintained many traditions.  Each new soldier was given a bible in memory of Richard Cameron.  Soldiers in the regiment also attended church parade armed.  This was to remember the early conventicles which were held in the open air under the constant threat of discovery by government forces.

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