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Letter on Laying the Memorial Stone at the New Kilmarnock Academy, 1875


Letter regarding the laying of the memorial stone at the new Kilmarnock Academy, including names of committee members and companies hired for completion of construction.


Transcription of letter:

 New Academy


Accommodation according to Government [  ] for six hundred and ninety six.

Estimated cost. Five thousand nine hundred and forty nine pounds sterling. Amount of grant to be recieved from government. Six hundred and ninety six pounds ten shillings sterling. 

Architect of school. William Railton, St Marnock Place, Kilmarnock

Mason. Andrew Calderwood, mason, Kilmarnock.

Joiner. James Rome, joiner, Kilmarnock.

Plumber. F. Alexander and Sons, plumbers, Irvine.

Plasterer. John Paton. plasterers, Kilmarnock.

Ironwork. Archibald Finnie and Young, ironmongers, Kilmarnock.


Kilmarnock 20th November, 1875

The date in which the memorial stone of the Kilmarnock Academy Public School was laid with Masonic honours by R. W. Cochran-Patrick Esq. of Woodside, depute Provincial Grand Master of Ayrshire.


Kilmarnock Academy Public School is being created by the first school board appointed under the Education (Scotland) Act 1872, composed of the following members.

1. John Dickie, Titchfield House. Chairman

2. John Borland, 8 Hamilton Street

3. James Blackwood, Gillsburn (Convenor of Building Committee and Committee on the Construction of the Academy)

4. George Marr, Portland St

5. William Douglas, London Road

6. A. D. Stewart, London Road

7. Reverend James Aitken, Wellington St

8. Reverend John Thomson, Portland Terrace

9. Reverend Thomas Morton, South Hamilton Street

The Clergymen being all Ministers of the Established Church of Scotland


J. Pollock Stevenson, Solicitor, Clerk to the Board

Alexander Millar, Banker, Treasurer to the Board

Andrew Jack, Officer to the Board


Teachers appointed at this date to the new Academy

Hugh Dickie, presently of the Burgh Academy [Dumbarton] to be Head Master

W. C. Logan of the old Academy

Donald Ferguson, sometime of Union Street school, [  ] of the old Academy

The status of W. Logan and W. Ferguson being the same.


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