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Burgh of Barony of Newmilns

Translation of James IV Charter 1490


Translation of the charter granted by King James the Fourth in favour of the Town of Newmyllis creating it into a free Burgh of Barony.

9th January 1490.

(Translation from the original Latin.)

Charter upon the Creation of the Town of Newmyllis into a free Burgh of Barony.

James by the grace of God King of Scots. To all good men of his whole Kingdom, Clergy and Lairty greeting. Know ye that for the particular favour which we bear towards our Lairte George Campbell of Loudoun our Sheriff of Ayr, and for the advantage and utility of our Lieges the Inhabitants of the Town of Newmyllis, and other places adjacent, with the advice and counsel of the Lords of our council we have established created and made and by the tenor of this our present Charter establish create and make the said Town of Newmyllis lying in the Barony of Loudoun within our Sheriffdom of Ayr into a free Burgh in Barony forever. We have also granted and by this our present Charter grant to the Inhabitants of the said Burgh and future Inhabitants thereof full power and free liberty of buying and selling in the said Burgh wines, wax, woollen and linen cloth broad and narrow and other lawful merchandise whatever, with power and liberty of having and keeping Bakers, Brewers, Fleshers and Sellers as well of Flesh as of Fish and other craftsmen any ways pertaining and belonging to the freedom of a Burgh of Barony. And we have granted and by the tenor of this our present Charter grant that in said Burgh there be Burgesses and that they have power in all time coming of electing Bailies and other Officers necessary for the Government of said Burgh and in like manner we have granted and by the tenor of this our present Charter grant that the Burgesses and Inhabitants of the said Burgh may have, hold and possess forever a Cross and Market on Sunday weekly and public fairs on every year forever upon the feast or day of Saint Dionysus in Autumn for four days immediately following said feast, with customs and all other liberties pertaining or which can justly be said to pertain to fairs of the same kind in future. Having and Holding the said Town of Newmyllis in all time to come in a new and free Burgh in Barony, with all the foresaid privileges, liberties and concessions, and all and singular other privileges, profits, advantages and easements and just pertinent whatsoever, as well as not named as named pertaining or which may be justly held to pertain to a Burgh in Barony in future. And that as freely, quietly, amply fully honourably well and in peace in all and by all things as any Burgh in Barony in our Kingdom in whatever times by past has been more freely invested or held without revocation whatever wherefore we strictly order and command all and singular whom it concerns or may concern that no one presume to act in opposition to this our Grant or any of the premises in any manner of way under every pain which may be competent in such case. In Testimony whereof we have been ordered our Great Seal to be appended to this our Charter before these witnesses, The Reverend Fathers in Christ, Robert, Bishop of Glasgow, William, Bishop of Aberdeen, our beloved Cousins, Colin, Earl of Ergile, Lord Campbell and our Chancellor, Patrick, Earl of Bothvile, Lord Halis and Alexander Hume of that ilk our great chamberlain, William, Lord Saint John, master of our household and our treasury, John, Lord Glammys, John, Lord Drummond our justiciaries, the venerable Father in Christ, John, Prior of Saint Andrews, Keeper of our Privy Seal, Andrew, Lord Gray Laurence, Lord Oliphant and our beloved clergymen, Masters Richard Mure, Head Dean of Glasgow Clerk of our Council Register and Rolls and Archibald Whitelaw Sub Dean of Glasgow our Secretary. At Linlithgow the ninth day of the month of January in the year of our Lord one thousand four hundred and ninety and of our reign the third year.

Dean Castle
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1784 [originally 1490]
East Ayrshire Council/East Ayrshire Leisure

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