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Dean Castle Arms and Armour


'Glasgow type' basket hilted sword

18th Century

18th century Scottish basket hilt sword. The sword has two components: the blade, which was likely imported from mainland Europe; and the hilt which was made in Scotland. In Scotland at this time, there were two main schools of swordmaking; that of either the Stirling school, or the Glasgow school. This fine basket hilt sword is of Glasgow type, and was likely made by one of the two John (also known as Ian) Simpsons, a father and a son. The elder Simpson was admitted to the Incorporation of Hammermen of Glasgow in 1683 and became the King's Armourer in Scotland in 1715, before passing in 1717. His son was admitted into the Corporation in 1711 and had passed by 1749.

Place of Production:
Blade: Solingen, Germany; Hilt: Glasgow, Scotland
Length: 83.8cm
Dean Castle
Digital Number:
East Ayrshire Council
Whitelaw, C. E. (1934) 'Notes on swords with signed hilts by Glasgow and Stirling makers', 'Transactions of the the Glasgow Archaeological Society', new ser., VIII, pt 4 (supplement), pp. 19-22

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