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Dean Castle Arms and Armour


English hunting hanger


In the 17th and 18th century, when swords as sidearms were popular for gentlemen, hangers were used as a secondary weapon during hunting. Towards the end of their popular use, they were also slimmed down and refined for wear as a fashion accessory. This English hunting hanger features a russetted steel hilt enriched with silver rosettes and stag-horn grip. It has a curved blade with a crescent man-in-the moon ethched into the metal, as well as a sunburst and arm emerging from a cloud, holding a falchion sword. It was likely a gentleman's weapon used for stag hunting but would be equally as useful for self-defense.  These swords were often carried by officers on both sides during the civil war period.  Some swords of this type were manufactured in the Ayrshire town of Kilmaurs, famous for its cutlers.

Dean Castle
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