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Dean Castle Arms and Armour

Pole Arms and Melee Weapons

Replica Lochaber axe


This object is a replica of a Lochaber axe made by Thomas Yeudall, a master swordmaker of The Claymore Armoury which was founded in the late 1960s.


Lochaber axes are a type of halberd that were produced and used almost exclusively in Scotland, beginning around the early 16th century. The heavy weapon was used by both infantry and cavalry. For infantry, it was used as a defense against cavalry, with the hook at the rear or the blade working to dismount mounted soldiers, and the blade used to cut and slice. For those on horseback, the Lochaber axe was used as a pike to drive off infantrymen. The acutely pointed spike tip was effective at penetrating chain armour.

Dean Castle
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