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Dean Castle Arms and Armour


Spanish left hand dagger 1

17th Century

This object is a typical example of a main-gauche dagger, with its characteristic features of a broad, knuckeguard that curves upwards towards the pommel to give the guard a triangular outline. Daggers such as this object would have been used an off-hand defence in fencing or swordfight to parry the thrusts of an opponent while the dominant hand wielded a rapier.


This dagger's has slight indents that run two-thirds of the way down one side of the blade, with a sharpened, straight edge along the other side, meeting to a sharpened point. The knuckleguard, pommel, grip and quillon is decorated with an ornate filigree design with an owl depicted at the top of the knuckleguard.

Place of Production:
Dean Castle
Digital Number:
East Ayrshire Council

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