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Dean Castle Arms and Armour


Replica suit of armour

20th Century

This complete replica suit of armour was commissioned for the 8th Lord Howard de Walden. Designed by armourer Felix Joubert and the 8th Howard de Walden himself, the suit was created in the style of a late 15th century gothic German armour, complete with long pointed sabatons covering the feet and a Sallet helmet which supports the de Walden family's goat's head crest. This crest would not only aid in the majesty of a knight's display, but also help to identify him in the mass of battle


Complete 15th century armours are extremely rare and in order to fill this gap in collections it was common for collectors to have a replicas made. Well-known antiquaries and dealers such as Samuel Pratt who was a well-known forger made up such armours with a few genuine features and a plausible romantic story of the discovery in an ancient castle in order to deceive the eager antiquary, wielding a pivotal influence with collectors during the mid to late Victorian period.


Measuring at a height of 2030mm this replica suit of armour is made from strong steel with a very plain and simple finished looked. The design would also expand the use of the plate armour, covering the wearers' joints that would have been previously protected by chainmail.

Steel / Leather / Material
Height - 2030mm
Dean Castle
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East Ayrshire Council

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