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Christopher Fryer - Museum Officer

Christopher Fryer - Museum Officer

The Future Museum site is fortunate enough to have a rich collection of material relating to Scotland's National Bard. Rather than concentrate on Burn's well known manuscripts and poems, I have selected a number of less well known items which illuminate the poet's everyday life.

 From the original bullet mould and lead bullets used when Burns was an Excise Officer, to the Horn lade and spoons used by the Burns household; the region's museums contain a bewildering array of material relating to the poet and his life.

 Objects such as a tape recording of 'The Immortal Memory' by a Norwegian seaman also reflect the poignancy and reach of Burns poems. The Catalogue of Exhibits held by Robert Burns House is another example of the extraordinary regard in which he is held by people across Scotland.

 Look out for the new Burns Scotland website in the coming months for further information on Robert Burns!