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Adam Perry - MGS Intern

Adam Perry - MGS Intern

As an Intern in Dumfries Museum I have become fascinated by South West Scotland's connections to the wider world. The objects I have selected from Future Museum highlight the contribution of the region to some of the most significant events of world history.

The first three objects I have chosen relate to naval and arctic exploration; in particular the search for the North West Passage. Local men such as Sir John Ross and Sir John Richardson, from Stranraer and Dumfries respectively, were central characters in the effort to establish an efficient trade route to the Far East from the Atlantic. The objects I have selected would have been essential to the success of their expeditions.

I particularly like the two photographs which show the lives of infantrymen in France during WWI through the eye of Annan photographer Frederick Gerald Gibbs, allowing us an insight into a side of the war we don't often see.

Finally, the 1941 German map of British waterways - and other similar maps within the collection of Dumfries Museum - is a reminder of just how serious the Nazis were about occupying Britain.