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Glenfield Ramblers: Trips and Adventures Across Scotland

Glenfield Ramblers: Trips and Adventures Across Scotland

After a change to employee working hours in 1872 at Kilmarnock-based industrial machinery company Glenfield and Kennedy, workers formed an unofficial society to visit sites of historical and natural interest in their free time. However, it wasn't until 12 years later in Spring 1884 that an official society - the Kilmarnock Glenfield Ramblers Society - was formally founded. Initially, membership was limited to only employees of the company, but this soon expanded to welcome all, although the company name remained. Today, over 100 years later, the Ramblers society continues to welcome members and arrange walks.


In the 1880s, as the Glenfield Ramblers society was founded, amateur photography was advanced and made more accessible by the introduction of new methods of photographic processing. The new dry plate method meant that dry plates could be prepared in advance and did not require lots of chemicals, overly cumbersome equipment, and immediate development in a dark room. Educational sets of slides for public lectures became popular, with travel and the natural world two of the most popular themes. For the Ramblers, this also meant that highlights of their trips could be documented and later used in presentations - a precursor to the modern PowerPoint slide! This meant that it was easier for people on their travels to document their memories.  Below are some of the images captured by the Glenfield Ramblers during their jaunts to stately homes, castles, and sites of natural beauty all around the country.

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