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Future Museum is built around the key areas that make the south-west so distinctive from the rest of Scotland – its people, industries and arts. The website provides free access to the museum collections of Ayrshire and Dumfries & Galloway and creates a valuable resource for people of all ages.

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Childhood was a time of various experiences; depending on your parentage and community, events in the world around and economic circumstances, it could be a happy carefree time or filled with hard work and poverty.

To learn more about our Childhood collection in Ayrshire please take a look at our on-line exhibition; a digitisation project linked to our current When We Are Young exhibition at The Baird Institute, Cumnock.  

When We Are Young is an exhibition of play and recreation for children and adults, celebrating how we have played in the past. Supported by Museums Galleries Scotland, the exhibition offers space for community-curated displays, where local people will tell the story of how they played in the past.



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